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AFR's past or present collaborations include the following external partners:

Ecumenical Forum for Christian Women (Switzerland)
International Felowship of Reconciliation (The Netherlands)
Global Fund for Women (USA)
Norvegian Church Aid (NORVEGIEN)
Open Society Fondation

In the last eleven years, AFR has signed over 30 collaboration protocols with similar organizations and other active NGOs from the civil society in Romania, such as:

- Alliance for Peace, Romania
- Career Justice Women Association
- University Graduated Women Association
- Women- Manager Association
- "FACTS" Women Association

AFR is affiliated to the following bodies:

FEBANGO - Federation for Peace and Cooperation in the Balkans (ATHENS 1996)
KARAT Coalition for Regional Action (WARSAW 1997)
UNESCO ALADIN, "Network of Networks" (HAMBURG 1998)

AFR is one of the founding members of the Coalition for Reproductive Rights in Romania (27 NGO s) and one of the initiators of the Coalition for Promoting Non-violence in Romania (22 NGO s). In 1998, AFR signed a collaboration protocol with the General Police Inspectorate of Bucharest, in view of preventing and fighting against phenomena like domestic violence, trafficking of human beings and prostitution.

In 1996, AFR signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Eurasian Women (in Ankara, Turkey), and in 1998 it signed a Partnership for fighting against trafficking of human beings in Amerforth, the Netherlands (involving 70 NGOs in Europe.)


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