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Along 11 years of existence, the Women’s Association of Romania – initiator of the woman’s national movement – has become a strong bridge between organisations, associations active in the benefit of women in Romania. AFR is part of the Coalition for Reproductive Health in Romania (1998) and initiator of the Coalition for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence in Romania (1999). 

CIPE seminar of negotiation techiniques
CIPE (Center for International Private Entreprise) organized on the 31st of August, 2002, with the support of USAID, a SEMINAR of NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUES, at the CROWNE PLAZA Hotel. The seminar was held by Mr. Michael Slotznik (USA), who is a CIPE consultant. A.F.R. participated at the afternoon session of the seminar.
The seminar presented subjects like:
- definition of the process and egotiation techniques
- the 13 secrets of negotiation
- understanding the concept of power and the preparation for negotiation
- establishing a link based on trust
- strategies of successful negotiation


onference “Science for Peace and Development”, Maribor, Slovenia
Between 4-6 October, the international conference “SCIENCE FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT” took place in Maribor, Slovenia. It highlighted the importance of regional cooperation in South Eastern Europe, in the context of European Integration. The event was organised by the Austrian Institute for studies in South-Eastern Europe, in collaboration with the International Humanist League and under the auspices and with the financial support of the Regional UNESCO Office In Europe.
Romania was represented by Liliana Pagu, president of the Women’s Association of Romania, vice president of the Alliance for Peace, who underlined, in her intervention, the availability of Romanian civil society for regional cooperation, in the spirit of a Culture for Peace and Non-Violence. The results obtained by AFR were also presented, including the recent successful finalisation of two regional projects, “Harmony in the Balkans” and “A New Common Future”, under which the bases were set for a regional alliance of women’s organisations in view of promoting an appropriate status of women in the region.
During the videoconference organised, the president of AFR, Liliana Pagu, received from New York the salute of Dr. Colette Mazucelli, reputed international expert, who recommended women in Romania to continue their activities of national and regional liaison.

Conference of the Karat Coalition in St. Petersburg
On 18-22 July this year, the Conference of the Karat Coalition (women NGOs from 11 Central and Eastern European Countries) will take place in St. Petersburg, and the Women’s Association of Romania is invited to participate, as founding member. The president of AFR, Liliana Pagu, will participate, who was also the former national coordinator of this program between 1997 and 1999..

International Seminar for Democracy and Human Rights in Multi-Ethnic Societies, Konjic, Bosnia Hertegovina
Between 2-6 July 2001, the 4th “International Seminar for Democracy and Human Rights in Multi-Ethnic Societies” took place in Konjic, Bosnia- Hertegovina, organised by the Institute for Strengthening Democracy in Bosnia. The very diverse thematic of the seminar has hosted interesting presentations, at the same time offering the possibility for a better knowledge on the situation in the Balkans and the problems faced by this region..
From Romania, papers were presented by Ms. Liliana Pagu, president of AFR, within the section “Women and Democracy” and Mr. Razvan Maties, Cluj, within the section “World of Minorities”. Romania’s participation was received with interest and very well appreciated.
The study “Women from Romania in a multi-cultural society” will be soon available in translation on the web site of AFR.

International Symposium of Women-Leaders from Haifa, Israel
Between 3-8 June 2001, in Haifa, Israel, the International Symposium of Women-Leaders took place, focusing on the their impact on the socio-economic development of the world. The event was organised by “The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Centre''- MCTC, within the international cooperation program implemented by MASHAV-Centre for Development of International Cooperation Relations of the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Israel.

Female representatives of decision-making structures from 41 countries were invited to participate. From Romania, Ms.
Liliana Pagu, president of the Women’s Association of Romania and vice president of the Alliance for Peace Romania was invited. The Symposium created new facilities through the exchange of experience realised, which opened the way for new collaborations, through establishing a network of women-leaders in the whole world.

Conference “Communities in Crisis Situations”, Cavtat, Croatia
Between 20-24 June 2001, the 6th international conference for Health and Human Rights took place in Cavtat (Croatia), being organised by the International Society for Health and Human Rights (ISHHR). The conference had as main theme “Communities in Crisis Situations” – Resources for community reconstruction. The conference embraced topics of large interest, like: truth, justice and social reconstruction, women and violence, communities in exile, community approaches in crisis situations in different regions of the world.
The conference enjoyed the participation of 45 countries from all the continents. Romania was represented by the president of the
Women’s Association of Romania (AFR), Ms. Liliana Pagu


Between 1990-2000 A.F.R. participated to various international events (conferences, seminars, symposiums etc), responding to invitations of women organisations from England, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Korea, Croatia, Cuba, Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary and USA.

In 1995, the Women’s Association of Romania participated to the Fourth World Conference on Women, in Beijing, and to the Forum of Non-Governmental Organisations.

In 1996, A.F.R. signed in Ankara, in the name of women from Romania, a cooperation protocol with Eurasian women.

International delegations that visited the Women’s Association of Romania:
Women Association of Azerbaijan, Official State Delegation from Belarus, women and charity organisations from Bulgaria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, one civic organisation from Italy, one university organisation from Germany and other women organisations from Greece, Netherlands and USA.

A.F.R. is part of the Federation for Peace and Cooperation in the Balkans (FEBANGO - Athens 1996), of the women NGOs network in 13 Central and Eastern European Countries "Karat - Coalition for Regional Action" (Warsaw 1997) and the UNESCO distance learning network "ALADIN - Network of networks" (Hamburg - 1998).


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