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Socrates /Grundtvig2 Seminar ,,Multicultural Harmony = European Integration''

We are very happy to welcome you at the Socrates /Grundtvig2 Seminar
,,Multicultural Harmony = European Integration'' to be held in Bucharest, on 17 July 2003 (9,30 –16,30) at the Hotel Intercontinental, room ,, HORA''

You are cordially invited to attend this European seminar to share and discuss your ideas, problems and expertise concerning the perspective of promoting intercultural understanding and democracy.
The seminar will focus on the perspectives of multicultural societies in Europe,need for democracy and democratization, and the effects of European integration.

The event will be organized by the ASOCIATIA FEMEILOR DIN ROMANIA

(Women’s Association of Romania)-the first democratic women’s organization in our country, with the participation of the partners from Italy, Portugal, R.Moldova, Canada, and many other important bodies, NGOs, public authorities and media from Romania. For more details, please see our programs page.

Liliana Pagu in the WHO'S WHO EDITION in Romania - a princeps edition

Liliana Pagu, the president of the Women's Association of Romania, in the WHO'S WHO EDITION in Romania - a princeps edition. This is an enciclopedia of Romanian personalities, where the president of A.F.R. is presented as one of the most remarquable Romanian today's personalities. Her presence is considered to be not only valuable, but also necessary in this complex picture of the Romanian society at the beginning of the new millenium. The selection procedure took into consideration only today's personalities, who have really accomplished a lot of important and remarquable things at the national and international level.
WHO'S WHO is a guide that appears in most of the European states and in the U.S.A. and has a long tradition and a large popularity.

Partnership between AFR and Culture (Torino, Italy) for a support humanist center

At the A.F.R. office a meeting with the representatives of the organisation MIXED CULTURE from Torino, Italy took place on the 9th of August, 2002. The purpose of the meeting was the creation of a support humanist center. The principles that are the base of this social project are: solidarity, non-violence, non-discrimination, self-organisation and reciprocity. As it is consistent with its concept " Help me to help you", the Women's association of Romania agreed to become part of this project, as it aims at a non-violent, multi-ethnical and non-discriminative society, at a good communication between people and at citizens' direct participation at the election process, as the latter concerns their own existence and life.
The project is based on voluntariate and on the contribution of the members of the society.

Liliana Pagu was invited to take part at the National Convention of Democratic Women within the Democratic Party

As the initiator and the lider of Women's Movement in Romania, the president of the Women's Association of Romania, Liliana Pagu, was invited to take part at the National Convention of Democratic Women within the Democratic Party , which took place on the 17th of August, 2002, at the Parliament Palace. The political program "Women's Promotion into the Politics" was launched under these circumstances, as the increase of women's participation into the politics and at the decision-making process is considered to be extremely necessary.
The president of A.F.R. took the floor and welcomed the initiation of this open dialogue between the democratic women and the civil society. Also, she launched the A.F.R. proposal to establish an alliance with the democratic women, in order to put an end to any kind of discrimination against women and in order to create women's proper statute in Romania.


CIPE seminar of negotiation techiniques

A meeting with Mr. Michael Slotznik (USA) took place on the 1st of August, 2002, between 10.30 and 14.30 at the A.F.R. office. Mr. Michael Slotznik is a famous attorney, a professional negotiator and author of some special books, with a great experience in advocacy, negotiation, human resources, strategical planning. The American specialist, based on CIPE's recommendation (Center for International Private Entreprise), wanted to know more about our projects and programs and to counsel us regarding our activity in the field of promoting business women and supporting women who want to become or already are entrepreneurs.
The president of A.F.R., Mrs. Liliana Pagu, presented the successful results obtained by A.F.R. within national, regional and international programs, and the success of the Business Women's Club.
Membres of A.F.R., persons invited from other partner associations and representatives from the Ministry of European Integration and from CIPE took part at the meeting.
The American expert, together with the participants, built the structure of a new project, at the national level, in the best interest of entrereneurial women in Romania.


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