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AFR organized a Round Table in the SOCRATES / GRUNDTVIG 2 program

"Within the program SOCRATES / GRUNDTVIG 2, Romanian Women's Association organized at its office a Round Table, on the 2nd of July at 10.30 a.m., and we invited there our partners from Italy, Scotland and Hungary.
This was a good opportunity for sharing our experiences and for planning new projects that will be able to create, based on a positive approach of cultural differences, a united and yet multicultural Europe.
After the Round Table, our partners visited, between 2-6.06.2002, places like Bucharest, Craiova and Campina (Provita), where they had the chance to meet representatives of the civil society, local authorities and media representatives, who were extremelly interested in knowing more about this European project. Also, our partners were happy to find out more about the Romanian reality and about the multicultural life in our country.
You will find a detailed presentation of this event on our web-page as soon as possible

Activities within the programme Grundtvig 2 "MARTISOR 2002"
The A.F.R project “Different cultures can make a united Europe”, a multi-cultural project of European cooperation (Spain, Italy, U.K., Hungary and Romania)

The Women’s Association of Romania, in collaboration with the Regional Centre for Permanent Training for the Local Public Administration Craiova ( CRAIFOR) organizes within the programme Socrates Grundtvig 2 (Learning Partnerships) in Craiova, between 7-8 March 2002 the event "MARTISOR 2002" that will include the following:
-a training programme on “Conflict management – strategies for solving local inter-ethnic conflicts”, on March 7, 2002, starting with 10.00 a.m., at the premises of the Regional Centre. The seminar will be attended by 15-18 trainees representing minorities from the area of Craiova. The seminar will be held by the consultant-expert Ms. Rodica Bombonica Dudau
On March 8, 2002
- a traditional craft objects exhibition with traditional objects from the Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian, German and Rroma communities from the area of Oltenia;
- a gastronomic exhibition with specific products of various minorities from the area;
- a festive meeting organised with the occasion of the 8th of March by the County Council of Dolj and the Regional Centre Craiova for women.
We mention that the events will also be attended by representatives of the local mass media and local authorities (County Council, Prefecture of the Dolj County and the Town Hall of Craiova);
Information on the event and participation at phone/fax 40-1-315.98.59, e-mai mobile 094-561.431

Liliana Pagu, was invited at the presidium of the European Conference for minorities and people's rights

The second European Conference for minorities and people's rights took place in Athena (Greece), between 20-23 of June, 2002. The main theme of the Conference was "Economic Development in the Balkans", an important factor in solving the problems which minorities have to deal with.
The Conference was orgenized by FEBANGO (The Federation for Peace and Cooperation of NGOs in the Balkans), with the support of the Greek organization for "Balkanic Cooperation" and with the financial support of the Athenian Commerce Chamber and of the Greek Ministry for Development.
The participants from Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, R.Moldova, Romania and Serbia creted together a common strategy for development and cooperation in the Balkans, based on the new economic and social European approach.
The delegation from Romania that participated at the Conference was made of the associations - members of Febango (The Alliance for Peace from Romania, Romanian Women's Association, Vlachian Teenagers - Targoviste and Great Hopes - Bacau) and of business people and representatives of the Romanian young persons.
The president of the Romanian Women's Association, Mrs. Liliana Pagu, was invited at the presidium of the conference to debate issues like:
Relevant measures to be taken in order to build trust and consolidate peace and reconstruction through cooperation in the business area in the Balkans.
She also gave a speach during the workshop regarding the new conditions on the market caused by unemployment and migration out of economic reasons.
A extract of this speech may be read on the web-page - Liliana Pagu, the militant - and you can obtain more information on this issue at your request."

APPEAL - AFR had to leave its offices in Calea Victoriei

The Women’s Association of Romania (AFR) announces that, after 12 years of activity, and in the middle of carrying out important projects with international participation, was forced to stop its activities at its offices in 135 Calea Victoriei, 3rd floor, room 20-21, sector 1.
The entire space is un functional, lacking lighting, heating and running water.
All the organisations, associations and other institutions in this building are currently being evacuated. Having faith in the solidarity of the civil society, AFR appeals to all those who can offer solutions for solving this situation, to contact us by phone / fax no. 01.315.98.59, cellular phone 094-561.431 or email or 
Our new postal address is Post Office 37, PO Box 80. Thank you!



Women’s Association of Romania (AFR) is carrying out the project “Cultural Differences can make a United Europe” within the framework of Grundtvig 2 Programme “Learning Partnerships”. The project, which is envisaged to be finalised on July 31st, 2002, aims at:
- raising the level of knowledge and skills of the participants in adult training, communication and ethnic tolerance in multi-cultural communities.
- Supporting the participants to transfer newly achieved knowledge in their activities, as well as to apply their abilities regarding life in multi-cultural communities
- increasing cooperation between different cultural and educational organisations from different regions of Europe.
The coordinator of the project is the Women’s Association of Romania and its partners are:

- Edinburgh's Telford College UK (SCOTLAND)
- Interlink (Italy)
- Kodolany Janos Foiskola (HUNGARY)
- CORDIAL, Adjud, Vrancea
- CRAIFOR, Craiova, Oltenia
- ALLIANCE FOR PEACE ROMANIA, Tirgoviste, Dimbovita

The project is registered under no. 01-62-36-B-RO and is being supported by the NATIONAL SOCRATES AGENCY IN ROMANIA, through contract no. 8110 of 09/11/01.
Other institutions or organisations willing to get involved into the project are invited to participate!
For more details, please visit the “programmes” page of our web site.



"SCIENCE FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT'' is the title of the International Conference organised on October 4-6 in Maribor, Slovenia, which highlighted the importance of regional cooperation in South-Eastern Europe, in the context of European Integration. The event was organised by the Austrian Institute for Studies in South Eastern Europe, in collaboration with the International Humanist League, and under the auspices and with the financial support of the Regional UNESCO Office for Europe.
Romania was represented by Liliana Pagu, president of the Women’s Association of Romania, vice-president of the Alliance for Peace, who, in her intervention, highlighted the availability of the Romanian civil society for regional cooperation, in the spirit of a Culture of Peace and Non-violence. Recent results obtained by AFR were also presented, like the successful finalisation of the two regional projects “Harmony in the Balkans” and “A New Common Future”, occasions with which the bases were set for a regional alliance of women’s organisations, in view of promoting an adequate status of the woman in the region.
During the videoconference organised, the president of AFR, Liliana Pagu, received from New York the warm salute of Dr. Colette Mazucelli, prestigious international expert, who recommended the women in Romania to continue the activities of national and regional liaison.



At the premises of A.F.R. in 135, Calea Victoriei, English language training sessions (for beginners) will be organised by the National Association of Young Christian Women in Romania (ANTFCR) within the program "One more chance"'.
The training sessions are designed for women over 30, and will be held between September 20 - December 20, 2001 (6 hours per week).The participation fee is of 4 US$ /month.
Registrations are made at the premises of ANTFCR, 253, Calea Mosilor, bl.53, et.8, ap.30, sector 2, Bucharest, no later than September 15, this year. For additional information, call 619 07 91 or send an email


The WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF ROMANIA (AFR) organizes in August 6-9, 2001 in Timisoara, Romania, at Hotel 2000, a meeting of women leaders from Romania and F.R. Yugoslavia. The meeting is organised under the project "A New Common Future", undertaken by AFR between May 16 - August 16, in partnership with the Serbian organization "Business Women Club" from KIKINDA.
The AFR project is developed under the framework of the program Regional Partnership for Democracy, financially supported by America's Development Foundation, USAID. The meeting wishes to be a mutual information regarding the adequate status of women from the two neighbouring countries.Another objective of the project "A new common future" developed by A.F.R., in collaboration with the Euro-regional Centre for Democracy from Timisoara and the Serbian organization "Business Women Club" from Kikinda (FRY), is to create a comprehensive database of Romanian and Yugoslavian women NGOs.
The project "A New Common Future" sets at the disposal of the women movements from the two countries, a web site promoting common activities, projects and programs implemented for the benefit of women from both countries.Through the development of these services, A.F.R.'s project facilitates the improvement of communication between the women movements in the two countries, which would lead to the establishment of new relations between organizations.
A.F.R. invites all women NGOs to participate to this project, which gives the chance for a fluent and fast exchange of information between organisations in Romania and F.R. Yugoslavia and for the creation of new projects in regional partnerships.Additional information: (01) 315-9859, mobile 094-561.431,and materials may be faxed at (01) 315-9859, or sent by e-mail: or mail: prioripost Bucharest, O.P.37,C.P.80 sector 2, or at A.F.R. premises in Calea Victoriei 135, et. 3, room 20-21, between 11.30 - 16.30 hrs., with a previous phone call (01 650 27 95).



The Women's Association of Romania offers, starting with October 1st, its specially arranged meeting room for training sessions, workshops etc. The room can host up to 20 participants and its location is central. Besides these services, AFR can offer other services like folding, binding and production of promotional materials at very advantageous prices.Additional information can be obtained at phone / fax 315-9859 or e-mail



A.F.R. announces a competition for collaborators:1. Person with good knowledge of English and Russian, with solid computer operating knowledge, good communication abilities and international relations. 2. Person with good knowledge of Serbian and English, with good computer skills and communication abilities.Send letter of intention and CV by fax: 315.98.59 or e-mail (

A.F.R. announces the possibility to obtain a 2-months scholarship to Israel for a young woman with good knowledge of English, involved in the activity of a women's organisation and willing to become actively involved in A.F.R.'s activities.More information after July 23rd, but until that date please send letter of intention and CV by fax 315.98.59 or e-mail (

Conference of the Karat Coalition in St. Petersburg

On 18-22 July this year, the Conference of the Karat Coalition (women NGOs from 11 Central and Eastern European Countries) will take place in St. Petersburg, and the Women's Association of Romania is invited to participate, as founding member. The president of AFR, Liliana Pagu, will participate, who was also the former national coordinator of this program between 1997 and 1999.


The study "Women from Romania in a multi-cultural society" was presented at the International Seminar for Democracy and Human Rights in Multi-Ethnic Societies

Between 2-6 July 2001, the 4th "International Seminar for Democracy and Human Rights in Multi-Ethnic Societies" took place in Konjic, Bosnia- Hertegovina, organised by the Institute for Strengthening Democracy in Bosnia. The very diverse thematic of the seminar has hosted interesting presentations, at the same time offering the possibility for a better knowledge on the situation in the Balkans and the problems faced by this region.
From Romania, papers were presented by Ms. Liliana Pagu, president of AFR, within the section "Women and Democracy" and Mr. Razvan Maties, Cluj, within the section "World of Minorities". Romania's participation was received with interest and very well appreciated. The study "Women from Romania in a multi-cultural society" will be soon available in translation on the web site of AFR.


The president of the Women's Association in Azerbaijan undertook a visit to Romania, at the invitation of AFR

At the request of the Romanian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, A.F.R. has invited Prof. Dr. Zemfira Verdyeva, the president of the Women's Association in Azerbaijan to visit Romania, in order to start a collaboration with A.F.R. in view of developing common projects.The president of the Women's Association in Azerbaijan responded the invitation during July 9-13 this year, when she met the Board of A.F.R.
With this occasion, she has also met the participants to the A.F.R. program "Help me help you", registered at the training sessions for home care-takers for elderly. Ms. Zemfira Verdyeva has positively appreciated the initiative of A.F.R. and wished the trainees success in their noble mission to support the elderly.
The Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Bucharest, His Excellency Dr. Eladar Hasanov has expressed his interest to get better acquainted with the activity of the first women's organisation in Romania and, with this purpose, invited Ms. Liliana Pagu, president of A.F.R. for a meeting at the premises of the Embassy in Bucharest. Finally, an invitation for the following year was launched to the president of A.F.R. who would visit Baku with the purpose of signing a collaboration protocol for the initiation of a first joint project.

AFR participated to the International Symposium of Women-Leaders from Haifa, Israel

Between 3-8 June 2001, in Haifa, Israel, the International Symposium of Women-Leaders took place, focusing on the their impact on the socio-economic development of the world. The event was organised by "The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Centre''- MCTC, within the international cooperation program implemented by MASHAV-Centre for Development of International Cooperation Relations of the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Israel. Female representatives of decision-making structures from 41 countries were invited to participate.
From Romania, Ms. Liliana Pagu, president of the Women's Association of Romania and vice president of the Alliance for Peace Romania was invited. The Symposium created new facilities through the exchange of experience realised, which opened the way for new collaborations, through establishing a network of women-leaders in the whole world.


AFR is establishing a database with NGOs from Romania and Yugoslavia

The Women's Association of Romania, in collaboration with the Euro-Regional Centre for Democracy, Timisoara, and the organisation Distrikt 0320 from Kikinda, F.R.Yugoslavia undertakes, with the support of America's Development Foundation, the program "A New Common Future for Women in Romania and F.R. Yugoslavia". This program aims at facilitating the improvement of communication between women's movements from the two countries, through developing services that would lead to the creation of new ties between the organisations in the two countries, and to the elaboration of joint programs for the benefit of women in Romania and F.R. Yugoslavia.
One first step in pursuing this objective is the creation of a database including organisations from both countries, active in the area of women movement. If you consider yourself a representative organisation in this sense, please contact AFR at phone 01 315 98 59 or e-mail: to be included in this database.
Data provided are useful for a more fluent and rapid exchange of information between the organisations in Romania and F.R. Yugoslavia, this fact being potentially beneficial for your organisation, as it would significantly shorten the necessary time to search for and meet new partners when regional partnership projects are being launched (which is one very significant issue, considering the current context in which most donors encourage this type of projects).

AFR organizes meeting with leaders of women organisations from Yugoslavia

The Women's Association of Romania undertakes between May 16 - August 16 this year the project "A New Common Future" - information meeting regarding the adequate status of women in F.R. Yugoslavia and Romania. This project is developed under the program of Regional Partnership for Democracy, financially supported by America's Development Foundation.
In this sense, AFR. Will organise in Timisoara, between 28-31 July this year a meeting to which 10 leaders of the most active women NGOs from the two countries will participate. AFR requests women NGOs from Romania to make nominations (1 person per NGO) for potential participants to the meeting with Serbian partners. Transportation, accommodation and meals will be supported by AFR. The works will be held in English (at request, translation can also be provided).
To apply, please send to AFR no later than June 28 this year, the following documents: letter of intention from the organisation, signed and stamped, presentation of the organisation (statutes, act of establishment, projects and programs etc); recommendation of the person who will participate; acceptance of this person, signed and a CV). The materials will be sent by fax (01 315 98 59) or e-mail: or by mail - prioripost Bucharest, Post Office 22 PO Box. 214, or at the premises of A.F.R from Calea Victoriei 135, et.3, room 20-21, between 11.30-16.30 hrs., with a previous phone call (01 650 27 95).

AFR participated to the conference "Communities in Crisis Situations"

Between 20-24 June 2001, the 6th international conference for Health and Human Rights took place in Cavtat (Croatia), being organised by the International Society for Health and Human Rights (ISHHR). The conference had as main theme "Communities in Crisis Situations" - Resources for community reconstruction.
The conference embraced topics of large interest, like: truth, justice and social reconstruction, women and violence, communities in exile, community approaches in crisis situations in different regions of the world.
The conference enjoyed the participation of 45 countries from all the continents. Romania was represented by the president of the Women's Association of Romania (AFR), Ms. Liliana Pagu.
Additional information at phone / fax: 315-98.59 or e-mail:


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